Ongoing Research

By Grégoire Lits updated January 2023

Since completing my PhD in political sociology in 2015, which focused on the role of experts, expertise, and citizen participation in decision-making processes related to radioactive waste management in Belgium, my research has focused on the evolution of various social problems in public and media spaces, as well as the roles played by experts, scientists, and different types of knowledge in these spaces.

I am particularly interested in the role of trust in public spaces and how it evolves over time in relation to different actors, such as politicians, experts, and journalists. As such, I have participated in various research projects over the last decade that address social problems such as radioactive waste management, poverty, the aging population, climate change, and more recently, the Covid-19 crisis and disinformation.

I have recently published several articles and research reports on topics such as the concept of an "infodemic" in relation to Covid-19, the concept of moral panics (co-authored with Céline Mavrot and Cédric Passard), and the connections between trust, anxiety, disinformation, and conspiracy theories.

Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Mentoring and Supervision