Ongoing research projects

2021-2024: Co-Pi (With Stephan Van den Broucke and Dominique Vanpee) of the project PANDORIX – Horizon of a Future Health Crisis: Brussels Population and Health Promotion. Topics: circulation of information in time of crisis, prospective research, trust in expert, media and public authorities.

2021-2023: Co-PI (with Etienne Rivière and Axel Legay) of the project Smart and Social Home Care, funded by Innoviris. Keywords: Critical data studies, ageing, new communication technologies.

2020-2024: Supervision of the postdoctoral research program of dr. Zoltan Dujisin: Disinfo Expertise in the Media Cold War, realised at the ORM/UClouvain, funded by the FSR MoveIn program and the FNRS.

2020-2021: Belgian coordinator of the international comparative research project in 8 countries: The role of communication strategies and media discourse in shaping psychological and behavioral response to the COVID-19 outbreak: an international comparative analysis. Coordinated by Mélissa Généreux, Université de Sherbrooke (Canada), funded by the Canadian Institute of Health Research.

2020-2021: PI of the project CoviCom: Analysis of the Covid19 infodemic in French speaking Belgium. Funded by the installing budget for young academic of the UCLouvain.

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